Dental Instruments & Hygiene

The market for dental hygiene and oral care comprises air driven dental handpieces, electric dental handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, dental lasers, prophylaxis angles, prophylaxis pastes, professional teeth whitening products, oral irrigators, dental guards, professional fluoride products and caries detection devices.

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Professional Teeth Whitening and Power Toothbrushes Market Report Suite | United States | 2014-2020 | MedSuite

Teeth whitening is the process of bleaching teeth in order to make them whiter and more presentable. The prevalence of teeth whitening in societies around the world has greatly increased in the recent years. The U.S. has long held superficial aesthetics in higher regard than many countries, and such aesthetic demand for teeth whitening will continue to drive demand in the market. Stained teeth can occur as people age, but some common foods, drinks and even medication can cause stains.

Various methods to make one’s teeth whiter exist and include in-office teeth whitening, take-home whitening, whitening strips, teeth whitening gels and teeth whitening toothpaste. When they were first introduced, professionally supervised in-office whitening catered mainly to celebrities who would spend thousands of dollars to create the perfect smile using cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, with the development and maturation of the teeth whitening market, the general consumer market has grown rapidly. It has become easier than ever for anyone to access and receive teeth whitening treatment, under professional supervision or otherwise.