Dentistry Market Analysis

iData provides dentistry market research reports on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. iData’s dentistry market research includes coverage of bone graft substitutes, dental cements, dental hygiene, dental imaging, dental materials, overdentures, dental prosthetics, digital dentistry (CAD / CAM equipment devices) and materials as well as other dental devices and procedures.

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Dental Bone Graft Substitutes and Other Biomaterials Procedure Volume Analysis | Europe | 2019-2025 | MedPro | Includes: Dental Implant Procedures Performed with Bone Grafts

The European market for dental biomaterials includes dental bone graft substitutes, dental growth factors and dental barrier membranes. The level of development of the dental implant market within a given country highly dictates the corresponding size and growth of the DBGS market within that region. As the patient demand for dental implant procedures increases, the potential number of cases that require a bone grafting procedure also increases. This in turn generates demand for dental bone graft substitutes, barrier membranes and the dental growth factor product, Emdogain®.


Dental Materials Procedure Volume & COVID19 Impact Analysis | Europe | 2020-2026 | MedPro | Includes: Dental Cements, Impression Materials, Direct Restorative Materials, Bonding Agents, Core Build-up Materials and Dental Anesthetics

The European market for dental materials includes dental cements, impression materials, direct restorative materials, bonding agents, core build-up materials and dental anesthetics. The aging European population is the most significant driver of the dental materials market. Baby boomers are projected to live longer than those of previous generations and are therefore more likely to invest in their oral health during the remainder of their lives. Consequently, the demand for dental materials will increase due to this generation’s need for more crowns, bridges and other restorations. Also, the popularity of tooth-colored restorations and minimally invasive treatments has increased tremendously in the past few years; these trends are expected to drive the demand for innovative and technologically advanced dental materials, resulting in higher average selling prices (ASPs) and market values.