Vascular Access

The Vascular Access Devices market reports include comprehensive research on implantable ports, port needles, central venous catheters (CVCs), peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs), peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVCs) and dialysis catheters.

iData Market Intelligence will provide insights into the following questions:

  1. How is COVID-19 affecting the global Vascular Access Devices market?
  2. What is the Vascular Access Devices market size in the U.S.?
  3. What factors are impacting the Vascular Access Devices Market in India?
  4. What is the number of total procedures in the Vascular Access Devices market in Australia? What procedure volumes are on the rise or decline within the segments in Australia?
  5. What are the major developments in the Vascular Access Devices market in Japan? What impact did these have on the market share in Japan?
  6. What is the Vascular Access Devices market size in South Korea? Which competitors hold more market share within the cardiac surgery instruments market in South Korea?

Find your answers in the reports for: Global, U.S., European, India, Australia, South Korea, China, Japan or Asia Pacific 

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Vascular Access Devices Market Analysis, Size, Trends | Global | 2020-2026 | MedSuite

By 2020, the global vascular access device market size was valued at $4.2 billion, with around 1 billion vascular access devices placed each year. The market size is expected to increase over the forecast period and reach $4.8 billion in 2026. Throughout this medical market research, we analyzed 28 vascular access companies across more than 70