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Standard & Hydrophilic Guidewires Market Analysis | Europe | 2020-2026 | MedCore

Guidewires are used extensively both in diagnostic and interventional peripheral vascular procedures to deliver treatment options. The guidewire market can best be segmented into standard (non-hydrophilic) or hydrophilic guidewires. Standard guidewires are the predominant type because they can handle more pressure than their hydrophilic counterparts. Because of this property, standard guidewires can handle heavy-duty manipulations and maneuvers. Standard guidewires are produced in a variety of configurations based on shape and size. These variants range in price depending on characteristics such as size and flexibility.


Transcatheter Embolization Devices Market Analysis | Europe | 2020-2026 | MedCore

Transcatheter embolization is the practice of introducing material to within the vasculature to induce blood flow occlusions. Transcatheter embolization is effective for treating vessel malformations such as aneurysms, fistulae and bleeding. If left untreated, some of these arteriovenous malformations can ultimately lead to strokes. In addition, transcatheter embolization is an effective therapy for blocking blood flow to tumors or organs, thus starving the target tissues. Specialized particles, such as drug-coated and radiolabeled beads, are used for the targeted delivery of drugs and for radiation therapy, respectively.