The cardiovascular market research reports by iData cover Interventional Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Rhythm Management and the Electrophysiology market. The fastest growing segments within interventional cardiology are expected to be driven by new technologies, such as CTO crossers, FFR guidewires and OCT catheters. The vascular access market will grow due to a combination of increasing patient population and the shift towards technologically advanced devices that will continue to gain market share at the expense of older, less expensive devices. iData’s cardiovascular device market reports also include cardiac surgery, cardiac rhythm management, and other cardiovascular devices and procedures. Check out our different cardiovascular device market reports below.

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Dialysis Catheters Market Analysis | South Korea | 2017-2023 | MedCore

The Korean dialysis catheter market is composed of short-term (acute) hemodialysis, and long-term (chronic) hemodialysis. Both segments in this market were more or less equal in 2016, with short-term hemodialysis catheters contracted while long-term hemodialysis catheters are increasing. The value of the total dialysis catheter market is expected to grow slightly over the forecast period.


Implantable Ports Market Analysis | South Korea | 2017-2023 | MedCore

The Korean market for implantable ports comprises conventional implantable ports and power-injectable implantable ports. Conventional implantable ports are defined as implantable ports that do not feature power-injection. The Korean market for implantable ports has been growing slightly due to a shift away from conventional and towards power-injectable implantable ports. This growth is moderated by strong declines in ASPs for power-injectable implantable ports as competitors are expecting strong growth for this segment. Currently, the power-injectable implantable ports segment accounted for a majority share of the total implantable ports market. Over the forecast period, power-injectable ports are expected to take an even greater share of the overall market.


Report for Peripheral Intravenous Catheters Market Analysis | South Korea | 2017-2023 | MedCore

The South Korean market for peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVCs) is split up into two segments: conventional PIVC and safety PIVC. PIVCs are inserted in veins and arteries. An arterial access site is utilized in patients that require blood pressure monitoring. Firmer catheters are preferred for arterial access. A venous access site is utilized for infusing fluids, providing antibiotic treatment and other standard procedures. In 2016, safety PIVCs represented less than 10% of the total market for PIVCs, with the remaining balance is represented by conventional PIVCs. In Korea, conventional PIVCs represent over 90% of the total market. Growth in the unit sales of advanced materials PIVCs is expected to drive gains in the share of safety PIVCs over the forecast period.


Port Needles Market Analysis | South Korea | 2017-2023 | MedCore

The total Korean market for port needles can be segmented by conventional and safety port needles. In 2016, the largest segment in the total port needle market was the conventional port needles, which accounted for more than 70% of the total market value. However, safety port needles are growing while conventional port needles are contracting.