Dural Repair

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Soft Tissue Repair Market Analysis, Size, Trends | Europe | 2018-2024 | MedSuite | Includes: Breast Reconstruction, Hernia Repair, Dural Repair and more

Overall, the European soft tissue repair market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 1.8% to reach nearly $520 million by 2024. If there is one factor that affects nearly every segment in this report, it’s an aging population. The demographic of those over the age of 65 is increasing in Europe, which leads


Soft Tissue Repair Market Analysis, Size, Trends | United States | 2020-2026 | COVID19 | MedSuite

In 2020, the U.S. soft tissue repair market size was valued at $1.8 billion, with over 1 million hernia repair procedures performed every year. The overall market size is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8% to reach $3.1 billion in 2026. Throughout this medical market research, we analyzed 37


Dural Repair Market | Europe | 2018-2024 | MedCore

Over the next few years, the biologic segment will expand at the expense of the synthetic segment. Total unit sales growth will be partially offset by continued price decreases, although the pricing pressures resulting from increasingly limited reimbursement rates will start to level off over the next few years. The dura mater is a tough,


Dural Repair Market Analysis | United States | 2020-2026 | MedCore

The dura mater is a tough, fibrous membrane that surrounds and protects the tissues of the brain and spinal cord. Dural repair is primarily performed for head and spinal injuries where a laceration has occurred to the dura, and for neurosurgical procedures in which the dura is required to be opened or removed to gain access to the bones or delicate tissues within. In both cases, effective dural closure is imperative to prevent cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage and permit proper and expeditious wound healing. Since CSF leaks often result in extra time and cost associated with patient care, dural repair performed with appropriate devices is integral for significant savings for surgeons and patients.