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Arthroscopy Market Analysis, Size, Trends | United States | 2019-2025 | MedSuite | Includes: Arthroscopes, Disposable Cannulas, Arthroscopic Hand Instruments, Fluid Management Disposables, Shaver Blades, Radiofrequency Probes, Drill Guide Systems, Drill Guide Disposables & Suture Passers

The full report suite on the U.S. market for arthroscopic devices includes arthroscopes, disposable cannulas, hand instruments, fluid management disposables, shaver blades, radiofrequency (RF) probes, drill guide systems and disposables and suture passers. Power instruments are covered in an appendix.


Radiofrequency Probes Market Analysis | United States | MedCore

Radiofrequency (RF) probes use a form of electrothermal energy to cut, ablate and shrink damaged tissue. By these means, disruption and blood loss of the surrounding tissue is reduced compared to physical cutting. Because RF technology operates at a lower temperature than other comparable methods, the surrounding healthy tissue is less likely to be damaged.