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PROCEDURE TRACKER - Medical Procedure Volumes & Book of Business

Are your sales following the most current operating room procedure trends? Do you know which of your product lines will drive revenue and which are likely to underperform? Which operating procedures are driving volumes within a particular state, hospital, ASC or physician?

Procedure Tracker is a customizable procedure database that quantifies primary and secondary procedure volumes across the United States with over 7000 procedures. This is an essential tool to capture trends and potential market opportunities by providing healthcare procedure analytics.

Today’s sales and marketing medical procedure strategies are driven by data. In the past, the amount of data you could collect regarding medical procedure volumes and operating room procedure trends was limited. There were simply too many procedures and too much data to organize. That’s all changed thanks to iData Research’s revolutionary Procedure Tracker.

The Procedure Tracker allows you to build the ultimate book of business with everything you need to know to generate your medical and marketing sales strategy. If your sales team has been complaining about flying blind about some crucial elements of medical procedure volume data, you can let them know those days are over, thanks to our Procedure Tracker.


If you’re skeptical, that’s only natural. It’s hard to believe what our Procedure Tracker Application is capable of when it comes to operating room procedure trends and medical procedure volumes data in general. That’s why we offer a demo of the Procedure Tracker completely free so you can see for yourself just how incredibly useful this tool it can be for your business and its sales and marketing teams.

We’re confident that once you’ve seen the Procedure Tracker in action, you won’t know how you ever did business without it.

Have you ever thought your sales and marketing teams could have:

  • A Comprehensive List of Leads Ranked by Medical Procedure Volumes?
  • Sales Projections and Quotas Based on Actual Data and Market Potential?
  • Targeting and Account/Region Prioritization Based on Procedure Volume?
  • Customized Information to Your Codes? – You’ll Never Pay for Unrelated Data
  • An Easily Navigated, Filtered and Modified Dashboard for Easy Team Integration?
  • Integrated Lists With Your CRM Systems to Get Your Sales Team Going Quickly?
  • Cross Referenced Procedures and Market Values to Verify Market Sizing?
  • Activity and Strategy Based on Trends to Take Advantage of Growing Markets?

Well now it’s possible – and easier than you think.

Completely Customizable

The medical procedure volumes can be completely customized to what you want. Based on your procedure types, HCPCS, or ICD-9 Codes and your requirements for specificity (national down to physician level) we will put together a complete package of all the information that’s important to you.

National to Physician Level Data

You’ll have the ability to see your procedure volumes for the national, state, hospital, and physician levels. That means you get a picture of the entire market, all the way down to seeing which physician performed the most procedures, and it includes their contact information – the perfect solution for sales teams.

Flexible User Interface

Procedure Tracker is a customized dashboard built into Excel. That means you can view and manipulate your healthcare procedure trends data the same way you’re used to with pivot-tables, charts, conditional formatting, and it can be easily modified and used elsewhere. We’ll work with your team to optimize the layout for your needs.

Segmented by Inpatient and Outpatient

Our sources provide you with the ability to see Outpatient and Inpatient Data separately or, if required, only purchase one set of data.
"The reports are excellent! The data and insight these represent are very usable for marketers and planners of these med/surg companies." - Business Development Executive
Abbott Medical Optics
Abbott Medical Optics

Unlimited Company Wide Use

The data you purchase is yours to use, and share internally with no restrictions. Your purchase is similar to our “Corporate License” on our reports, which avoids limiting you to a time-frame or a limited number of users.

Multi-Sourced, Proprietary Data

Procedure Tracker data is sourced from Medicare claims, private payer data, ambulatory service data, hospital discharge data, and our own internal research team. This provides you with an accurate representation of the market, a must-have for your business strategies.

CRM Integration

Because your data is a versatile spreadsheet format, it also means you can integrate it easily with your other business systems like Salesforce or other CRM software programs. This dramatically speeds up your sales team’s progress with their new lead lists.

Historical Data & Trends

As an add-on you can also purchase data for the prior year to give you the ability to see upward or downward trends on the National, State, Hospital, or Physician levels. This helps you understand long-term effects and plan accordingly.


You will have access to healthcare procedure numbers that are verified across multiple databases to ensure accuracy. Rely on the Procedure Tracker and iData’s team of qualified analysts to do the heavy lifting and be your first and only resource needed for trusted medical procedure volumes.

Start Understanding The Market

If you’re interested in acquiring the operating room procedure trends in the United States that relate to your devices, or you have questions about Procedure Tracker, we’ll be happy to schedule a demo and have one of our specialists answer any questions.

Pretty soon, everyone in this field will be using our Procedure Tracker and the data it provides. You can get a jump on the competition or fall behind them. Again, don’t take our word for it — schedule your free demo and experience the Procedure Tracker advantage today.


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