Population Health Management: New Patient-Centered Approach Driven by Big Data and it’s impact on the U.S. Healthcare System

Complete population health management (PHM): comprehensive software and consulting solutions that allow payers and provider organizations to dramatically reduce cost, improve the health of patients and facilitate the transition into risksharing delivery models. These capabilities are touted by an ambitious group of companies in the market for a new breed of PHM system. Products like this rely on the aggregation of vast amounts of data in order to track and minimize the cost associated with the highest-risk patients.

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Population Health Management Abstract

“Population health management systems help payer and provider organizations to analyze the patient populations that they represent, identify the most high-risk, high-cost patients and implement preventative strategies to improve the morbidity and health care usage patterns in these groups. That there is an acute need for these systems is well established. The US spends more on health care than any other similarly developed country. Moreover, costs are rising. Between 2000 and 2012 health care costs as a percentage of GDP in the US grew from 13.8% to 17.9%.”


We take a look at several notable companies in the population health management (PHM) industry, parse out health care trends that underlie this rapidly evolving market and conclude by discussing developments likely to occur in the near future.

Population health management companies include:

  • Verisk Health
  • Wellcentive
  • Welltok and CaféWell
  • Emmi Solutions


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