Physician Product Preference Surveys

Physician Product Preference Surveys

One of the best ways to know which medical devices are the most popular and will continue to be so is by speaking directly to the people who use them. That is what our medical device surveys are designed to do. When you order one of our physician device surveys, you get direct, authentic information about who is using what medical devices, how, when and why. This is information you can rely on to plan your market strategy and product development.

Who Do We Survey?

We know that when it comes to reliably predicting the popularity of a medical device, physician preferences are paramount. So naturally, we approach doctors, from specialists to surgeons. We also survey registered nurses, medical office managers, pharmacists and other caregivers. We can further flesh out medical device information with feedback from patients, as well as hospital administrators, lab technicians and other relevant personnel.

What Information Do We Gather?

Our physician device surveys cover information about areas such as end-user behavior with respect to old and new medical products, market penetration of a given device, effectiveness of the device, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, brand awareness, usage preferences and more. Our surveys ask simple questions to elicit specific information that you can use to draw useful conclusions about how to market your medical devices.

How Can You Use iData Research Medical Device Surveys?

There are many ways an imaginative company can use our medical device surveys to get an edge. Our surveys can help you decide the right price point for your medical devices. As you know, determining a price point is a very delicate calculation. Price too high and your customers flock to your competition. Price too low and you’re giving away money. Our surveys can give you a better idea of where you stand. They can also tell you where your competitors stand, and how much you might have to fight for market share over a given medical device or segment of the population.

Our surveys can give you insight into market conditions, helping you determine whether to continue to pursue aggressively marketing of a given device, or to pivot toward a new device or an older one that is experiencing resurgence in popularity. How you can best use our surveys is up to you to decide, but there are myriad options available to you.

Order Your Medical Device Surveys from iData Research Today

Our surveys are extremely affordable, especially relative to the information they provide. Request survey pricing now to see how easily iData Research surveys can fit into your budget, then order yours before your competition gains any further ground.

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