PENTAX Duodenoscope FDA Cleared

DEC HD Duodenoscope Product Photo, Courtesy of Pentax

Featuring a sterile, disposable distal cap PLUS disposable elevator, is the DEC HD Duodenoscope. This new device from Pentax Medical was recently cleared by the FDA in the United States. With its disposable components, the HD DEC Duodenoscope will help reduce the risk of bioburden remaining on conventional elevator components after reprocessing.

On top of reducing the chances of patient infections, Pentax’s latest offering is easily maneuverable. This is thanks to its lightweight and efficient design. Since the DEC HD Duodenoscope utilizes an HD format, endoscopists can be more confident in helping their patients. They will be able to more accurately diagnose, as well as visualize the mucosa in detail, identify abnormal tissue, and locate the papilla for cannulation.

In a recent statement from Garrett, Global Chief Clinical Officer for PENTAX Medical,

“The DEC™ HD Duodenoscope represents a significant clinical innovation both in device design and patient safety due to its sterile and disposable distal end cap with integrated elevator, and also a human factors-validated approach to both reprocessing and competency-based training. The DEC™ HD Duodenoscope was specifically designed in response to the evidence-based recommendations released by the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and represents a critical step forward in improving patient safety, reducing contamination, and optimizing endoscope reprocessing programs.”

iData Research’s market study has found that technological advancements and product improvements over the past several years have made GI endoscopes more effective in performing procedures. Improved designs have also made flexible GI endoscopes easier to handle. Furthermore, the disposable components, such as the distal cap and elevator from the DEC HD Duodenoscope reduces the risk of patient infections. This latest offering from Pentax can expect to drive positive growth in the GI Endoscope segment of the market.


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