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  • Transform your marketing and product strategy with insights from the end users.
  • Understand what products they prefer to use in common procedures
  • Discover the key reasons they select their preferred medical devices
  • Compare different results geographically across 39 countries

Valued at over $3,000, this giveaway is sure to improve your marketing and product strategy.

Through this latest survey on orthopedic surgeons product preferences we analyzed responses from over 39 countries worldwide
The latest orthopedic surgeon survey covered over 200 in-person responses from physicians
The analysis on this orthopedic surgeon survey is a total of 44 pages in a PDF format

About This Survey

The survey giveaway above includes a complete, global analysis from 1 of 3 sections in our latest orthopedic surgeon survey. We speak to hundreds of surgeons, in-person, to determine their product and procedure preferences across a number of areas. Then we go even deeper to discuss the factors that lead them to make their choices, including price, availability, durability and much more.

If you would like to inquire about receiving the entire survey, or ask us about conducting a customized survey to get the answer to specific questions your team has, contact us today.


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