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Orthofix Allograft - TrinityStem cells derived from embryonic sources have a high degree of therapeutic potential because such immature cells have not yet undergone differentiation: the process of maturation. There are many ethical issues involved with human embryonic stem cell research, despite the regenerative benefits of this form of therapy

Embryonic stem cell research has only begun to take shape over the past decade. This is in large part due to the long product development times associated with stem cells. The only products currently available in the market consist of mesenchymal stem cells. Within the U.S. orthopedic biomaterials market, research and product development have focused on bone marrow, stem cells, bone graft substitutes, growth factor bone grafts, platelet-rich plasma, hyaluronic acid, cartilage repair, and spinal machined bone allografts.

The Market Impact Of Stem Cell Bone Grafts

One of the applications of stem cell grafts is its use in the spine. The high average selling price associated with stem cell grafts is well accepted in the spine market due to its commercialized nature. Both the U.S. lumbar and cervical stem cell graft markets are projected to grow at double digit growth rates through 2021.

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Brett McKitterick, Orthopedic Research Analyst and Dylan Freeze, Senior Research Analyst

Article originally published on Med Device Online, Nov 13, 2014