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The growth of the discount dental implants segment will emerge at the expense of the premium segment and as a result is set to limit market growth for dental implant fixtures by lowering the market’s overall average selling price (ASP). In contrast, the final abutment market is set to experience an increasing ASP owing to the growing adoption of CAD/CAM abutments in the place of stock abutments. While commoditisation of stock abutments has greatly depressed the ASP of the final abutment market, growing adoption of CAD/CAM abutments is set to stimulate the final abutment market by pulling the ASP upwards. Therefore, the dental implant market is set to grow in all four countries included in the Asia Pacific region in this report, namely Australia, South Korea, Japan and China, despite varying pricing trends.

In the Asia Pacific dental implant market, consumer awareness, cultural tendencies and domestic regulations vary greatly. South Korea represents the most highly developed dental implant market as a result of being home to a number of global leading dental implant companies. This in turn has led to a high level of consumer awareness and early accessibility to a variety of dental implant products. However, the dental implant market in South Korea is also highly discount dominant and led by domestic implant producer OSSTEM IMPLANT and as a result demonstrated the lowest regional dental implant ASP of US$86 in 2014.

In contrast, the Australian market remains highly dominated by leading premium implant companies, which collectively held over 70% of the domestic market. Consequently, Australia demonstrated the highest dental implant fixture ASP in the region at US$345 in 2014. An increasing number of general practitioners are being trained in dental implant procedures in Australia, and general practitioners have been observed to be more cost sensitive relative to specialists. As a result of a growing number of general practitioners in the market, consumer preferences are shifting towards discounted solutions. Discount implant companies from the US and South Korea have recently been gaining market share in Australia. Throughout the forecast period, the premium segment of the market is expected to grow at far lower annual growth rates relative to the discount and value segments in Australia. By 2021, it is expected that discount implants will represent 43% of the overall units in the Australian market.

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