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Omnis Health announced today that the high performance EmbracePRO™ system is now available to retail pharmacies. The launch of the EmbracePRO™ system into retail provides pharmacies a testing option trusted by healthcare professionals to deliver the highest level of accuracy and reliability. It also allows their value-conscious customers — especially Medicare, cash-payers, and the underinsured — to save significantly on their testing supplies. Equally important, the low acquisition cost of EmbracePRO™ provides significant business benefits to pharmacies who promote the system.

“EmbracePRO™ will bring necessary and welcomed change to the diabetes category. It answers everyone’s needs. Value-conscious patients will benefit from a system that delivers accurate, reliable results, demanded by healthcare professionals, at a significantly lower cost than available systems,” said Cathy Pereira, Executive Vice President – Global Sales and Marketing.

The EmbracePRO™ offers high performance testing features including: auto coding; results in just five seconds; a small, 0.5ul sample size; alternate site testing; 500-test memory; as well as data management. The system uses EmbracePRO™ test strips with gold electrode technology to help ensure best in class results, accuracy and reliability.

Competitive bidding is a primary reason why Omnis Health is bringing the EmbracePRO™ to retail pharmacies. Knowing that continued cuts in Medicare reimbursement for diabetes supplies hinder care, EmbracePRO™ delivers a high performance testing system to Medicare patients without financial risk to retail pharmacies.

“At the same time, our pharmacy partners and their patients needed a new choice in the Medicare segment,” Pereira continued. “EmbracePRO™ makes it possible for pharmacies to continue to confidently and profitably embrace Medicare, not abandon it.”

Patients who purchase the EmbracePRO™ system are invited to enroll in the new Embrace Better Care program, featuring the EmbraceIt mobile app. The program is designed to help pharmacy partners create a closer connection with their patients with diabetes. Embrace Better Care provides patients the critical information they need to help them take better care of their diabetes.

Supported by a leadership team with more than 40 years of category experience, Omnis Health continues to develop and position innovative products, programs and strategies to earn the leadership position in the value segment of the diabetes category while helping pharmacy partners drive their diabetes category success.

Pharmacy retailers can inquire about stocking the EmbracePRO™ and other products in the Embrace portfolio by calling 877-979-5454 or visiting www.omnishealth.com. Retailers seeking category management or competitive bidding counsel may contact Cathy Pereira at [email protected] to arrange a personal meeting.

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