Nobel Biocare’s Trefoil™ – The next full-arch revolution

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Nobel Biocare has led innovation in full-arch solutions for over 50 years. The latest addition to the company’s already extensive assortment of innovations for full-arch rehabilitation is the perfect example of this approach in action.

The Trefoil system is a breakthrough in efficiency for treating the mandible. Previously, manufactured bars might have been cost-efficient, but passive fit always posed a challenge. Now, Trefoil has overcome this drawback with a unique fixation mechanism, which can adjust to compensate for inherent deviations from the ideal implant position. This feat of engineering lies in the heart of a new fixed solution that makes it possible for clinicians to offer patients fixed and definitive teeth in a single day.

More patients can now benefit from a fixed solution

For a very large number of patients, conventional dentures do not provide an adequate solution to their masticatory, esthetic, or even social needs. Consequently, the benefits of fixed solutions often outweigh the perceived lower cost of dentures – or even a fixed-removable – for many patients. For patients considering implant-supported solutions, the Trefoil system offers a fast, affordable, state-of-the-art fixed treatment solution.

Developed with the needs of the many in mind, the efficiency of the Trefoil system empowers clinicians to provide many patients who are held back by time or by finances with the premium-quality, fixed solution they deserve.

Even before launch, the patient benefits of the Trefoil system were clear. A global five-year multi-center study using the solution began in 2015 and has already yielded very telling results. With the Trefoil system now widely available, many more patients around the world will soon be able to experience the quality of life improvements that Trefoil was designed to deliver.


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