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Tech device company Nuvo Group has developed a wearable mobile app enabled monitor for pregnant women to keep track of their fetuses’ vital signs on-the-go. The PregSense monitor is a series of sensors woven into an elastic harness that can provide continuous data on the fetus and mother’s health during the late stages of pregnancy. The data such as the baby’s heart rate is then transmitted via bluetooth to a smartphone and stores it on a secure cloud-based database accessible only to expectant mothers and their physicians.

In a statement by Oren Oz from Nuvo Group, “Now you can see both you and the baby, the heart and all the data. What you are going to get in the app eventually is visualization that can tell you where the hand is, you’re going to see if the baby is awake, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat anytime you want and obviously everything about you as the mom, the activity, if you are relaxed, how you sleep, your activity, your heart activity, everything about your pregnancy will be put into data.”

The company hopes the device will reassure anxious mothers by providing vital monitoring data without having to see a doctor. The data collected by PregSense is of high enough quality to be useful for clinicians, researchers and physicians to help detect symptoms that may lead to complications in pregnancy earlier.

The PregSense monitor does not use ultrasound like traditional doppler devices, which require pregnant women to lie still while physicians manually track the heartbeat of the fetus. The sensors use a patented algorithm to filter the signals it picks up into two heartbeat recordings. According to the developers of the device, the passive sensors avoid the potential harm to tissue posed by ultrasonic devices and it is perfectly safe for both the mother and baby during continuous monitoring.

“The sophistication of the technology and the sophistication of the sensors that we had designed for that is really making what used to be clinical data collection into passive continuous reliable home data collection,” said Professor Nathan Intrator, a bio signal expert and chief technology officer for Nuvo Group.

The consumer clinical grade FDA-regulated device is expected for a 2016 launch.
About Nuvo Group
Nuvo Group is made up of dedicated engineers, scientists and early childhood educators who have a vision to create new ways to interact and bond with children. Nuvo’s years of product design experience, combined with our commitment to safety and design, has made us a leading provider of new technologies for children of all ages and stages. Our goal is to utilize new advancements in technologies, big data, apps and cloud based analytics to make products that challenge convention and provide solutions that benefit the entire family each and every day.

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More on the global market for fetal and neonatal monitoring can be found in the 2014 edition report published by iData entitled Global Markets for Fetal and Neonatal Monitoring, which covers the U.S., South Korea, Japan, Australia, and 15 European countries.

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