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Surmodics Launch StabilBlock® Immunoassay Stabilizer
Surmodics has announced the launch and immediate availability of StabilBlock®. StabilBlock Immunoassay Stabilizer reagent is used to reduce non-specific binding to boost immunoassay signal-to-noise ratios.

“As part of our commitment to being the premier provider of IVD assay components to improve performance and manufacturability of immunoassays, we continue to advance our offerings to meet the needs of our customers,” said Joe Stich, vice president and general manager of Surmodics IVD, the company’s In Vitro Diagnostics business. “We recognize that each assay has its own blocking requirements and our expanded portfolio of Immunoassay Stabilizers will enable assay developers to achieve the best results for each application.”

Surmodics offers a family of immunoassay stabilizers, which preserve the conformation and activity of dried proteins on a wide range of surfaces, keeping antibodies and antigens at peak performance for long durations. At the same time, the blocking mechanisms in these reagents reduce non-specific binding of interfering proteins to maximize assay sensitivity. With StabilBlock, StabilCoat® and StabilGuard® Immunoassay Stabilizers, the company now offers three options to assay developers with a combination of blocking efficacy and long-term dried stability that is unmatched in the industry.

Sekisui Diagnostics Expands Point of Care Product Offering with the FastPack® IP System
Sekisui Diagnostics has significantly expanded its point of care (POC) diagnostics product line through a recent partnership agreement with Qualigen, Inc. Sekisui Diagnostics is now the exclusive worldwide distributor of the FastPack IP System, Qualigen’s innovative point-of-care system.
Sekisui Diagnostics FastPack

“Our agreement with Qualigen expands our offering in the rapidly growing field of point-of-care diagnostics,” says Robert Schruender, President and COO of Sekisui Diagnostics. “FastPack IP is highly compatible with our current POC business, and our distributor relationships.”

In addition to immunoassay tests performed on the FastPack IP System, Sekisui Diagnostics provides a range of OSOM® rapid tests for Trichomonas and Bacterial Vaginosis to aid in diagnosis of vaginal infections; as well as tests for pregnancy, ulcer-causing Helicobacter pylori, mononucleosis, influenza, and streptococcus A, which is a market leading product.

“Practice efficiency may be enhanced by performing these tests onsite, providing an effective way for physicians to offer their patients the convenience of receiving test results and implementation of therapy in a single visit,” Schruender adds.

These point-of-care tests complement the company’s range of products, which also includes clinical chemistry reagents and systems; coagulation systems and reagents; and enzymes and specialty biochemicals for manufacturers.

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