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According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, researchers at the University of London (ULC) led a new test for ovarian cancer that has shown to double the detection rates of the disease compared to tradition methods. This new screening process indicates changes in the levels of CA125, a protein found in women’s blood linked to ovarian cancer.

UCL’s Professor Usha Menon said that the new procedure could change the way doctor’s screen for ovarian cancer in the UK. “There is currently no national screening programme for ovarian cancer, as research to date has been unable to provide enough evidence that any one method would improve early detection of tumours,” Professor Menon said.

Results from the trial showed that the new test can detect roughly 86% of ovarian cancer cases compared to the traditional method using a fixed level for CA125 which can identify only 48% of cancer occurrence.

“A blood test to find women at risk of ovarian cancer is an exciting prospect, but this work still needs to be tested in women to see if it can save lives,” said Dr. James Brenton, an ovarian cancer expert at Cancer Research UK. “By tracking how the levels of the CA125 protein change over time we might have an early signal to detect tumors. Ovarian cancer is particularly hard to spot at an early stage so it’s vital that we find ways to diagnose the cancer sooner.”

However, despite how promising these results are, more studies remain to be done to test the algorithm on a larger scale to further determine its effectiveness as a screening method. Ovarian cancer has low survival rates because symptoms often do not occur until the disease has progressed to the later stages, when it is much harder to treat.

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