Biotech Market Research

Biotech Market Research

Accurate, reliable medical device research is key to thriving in an ever-changing market. Biotech market research from iData is designed to give companies a true picture of the size of the market, growth potential and more so that they have the best possible information to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

Every medical device industry report we produce is compiled using time-tested, unassailable methodology so that recipients can be certain they are getting the strong intelligence they need in order to make the best decisions.

Biotech Medical Device Industry Overview

The biotechnology market encompasses a wide range of industries, including the life sciences and many others. These are just a few of the areas of the U.S. medical device market that we analyze as it pertains to biotech:

  • Cell cultures and engineering
  • DNA coding
  • DNA mapping
  • DNA sequencing
  • Protein engineering
  • Protein sequencing
  • Protein synthesis


While there are myriad areas where biotech market research is applicable, the largest is the medicinal field. Biotech plays an undeniably large role in the research and development of pharmaceuticals, involving the formation of new drugs, genetic analysis and much more. As this industry continues to flourish, established players in the field are increasingly looking toward possible mergers and/or acquisitions.

As companies look to expand their product portfolios, they need reliable, accurate medical device industry analysis in order to have the clearest picture possible of the industry landscape. For more than a decade, iData has delivered the solid information needed to help companies determine their medical device marketing strategy.

Industry-Leading Medical Device Industry Reports

iData has a deep understanding of the many different biotech medical device market segments, and uses several different perspectives when evaluating each one. We can customize a medical device industry report to fit your exact needs, whether you want a global perspective or you’re looking for research into a specific geography, application area or anything else.

Our sophisticated, advanced research contains exhaustive medical device industry statistics and analysis to give our clients invaluable insights into the market.

Our medical device market forecast research can help your company stay ahead of any potential volatility in the industry. It can take years for companies to start seeing returns on their investments in developing products, and the biotech industry can sometimes show vulnerability to declines in government funding and/or venture capital. Reports from iData can alert you to both positive and negative trends in the industry so you can stay ahead of developments and position your company for sustained growth.

At iData Research, we offer a variety of services that are all aimed at helping healthcare organizations succeed. Several Fortune 500 companies have turned to us for market intelligence, including Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Medtronic and many others. Whether you are an investor, run a biotech company or have any other interests in the industry, iData can provide the research you need to make the most well-informed choices possible.

Learn why we have become the industry standard for research in the U.S. medical market by calling 1 (866) 964-3282 or by getting in touch with us online.

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