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As the Marketing Coordinator at iData Research, I don’t write the medical research reports, or sell directly to clients. But I do more than just crack wise on the blog and spend all my time on Facebook. Here’s a breakdown of what it takes to be an iData Marketing Coordinator.

I start my day off checking all our social platforms (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and scanning my email for any information inquiries that might have come in overnight. Then it’s time for a daily blogpost! I usually use a recently posted press release for content or I write something original based on current events or a hot topic in the market. Once that’s posted, I share it across all our platforms. All these posts normally take roughly 90min to 2 hours to complete.

Now I move on to my daily reporting. All week I track salesperson data and social stats for each day, from amounts of calls made per salesperson to the amount of clicks my various ads and AdWords receive, all of it is tracked on a daily basis on several dense Excel spreadsheets. This usually takes another hour of my time every morning, twice as long if it’s a weekly or monthly report.

Right before lunch, I try to get all my social outreach out of the way. I follow and unfollow people on Twitter, email a few resellers and publishers, and share our content on various groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. If I’m going respond to your email, or return a call, it’s going to be now.

Lately for lunch I’ve been going to the mall food court, and buying ridiculous things I fancy at the local haberdashery.

The afternoons are for content writing and planning. I spend the rest of the day writing press releases, providing sales people or resellers with marketing collateral like report sample pages, and I start planning next month’s press release schedule among other scheduled occurrences. Special projects like website redesigns, resetting ads and AdWords, or preparing the necessary materials and accommodations for a tradeshow or conference usually takes up the rest of the day.

I get to have fun and be creative, come up with plans and ideas to promote what we do here and build brand awareness. It can be pretty mundane most days, but it’s not a bad gig if you can hack it.

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