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An article on our latest research regarding the Europe market for patient monitoring equipment was published on Med Device Online written by iData Research Analyst Nolan Esplen and CEO Kamran Zamanian. Here is a short excerpt.

Cardiac output (CO) — the volume of blood pumped by the heart per minute — is regarded as a fundamental component of hemodynamic monitoring in critically ill patients. Monitoring of this parameter has become routine in patients undergoing or emerging from high risk-surgeries, where fluid shifts or hemodynamic instability might be expected.

Traditionally, CO measurements have been restricted to acute care settings, where invasive thermodilution methods could be employed through the use of a pulmonary artery catheter (PAC). However, over the past two decades, PAC use has declined and less-invasive technologies have emerged to meet the growing demand for CO monitoring in patients at various levels of surgical risk.

Caregivers now are seeking to adopt these less-invasive modalities, as they are easier to use and may effectively replace traditional invasive technologies. This shift in demand has placed significant downward pressure on the invasive CO monitoring market, while also stimulating growth across the minimally invasive and non-invasive segments. In effect, the cardiac output monitor market is experiencing dramatic changes driven by market cannibalization, both between invasive and less invasive modalities and across minimally invasive platforms. These dynamics are poised to irrevocably alter the market’s trajectory, and have prompted leading competitors to re-focus their efforts into the development and advancement of less-invasive monitoring platforms.

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