Cosmetic surgery procedures in males will experience an increased demand, according to The Male Patient in Aesthetic Medicine.

According to authors Mauricio De Maio and Berthold Rzany, the demand is expected to be driven by an aging male population and the increased social acceptance of cosmetic surgery.  Active men maintain their appearance through diet and exercise, but increasing pressures to maintain a youthful appearance is ultimately leading them to undergo cosmetic augmentations.

Treatments are further driven by the fact that men are less likely to follow medical advice including the use of sunscreen.  De Maio and Rzany state that the main purpose of male cosmetic surgery is to minimize the effects of aging including loss of skin tone and facial volume due to decreased facial fat.  Research estimated that in some clinics, male treatments were approaching 25% to 30% of total cosmetic procedures.

More information on this interesting market shift in cosmetic surgery can be found here:

The Male Patient in Aesthetic Medicine