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Lumenis Ltd. recently demonstrated to gynecologists at the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) Annual Meeting, a flexible CO2 laser solution designed for minimally invasive surgical approach to effectively and delicately remove endometriosis lesions while protecting valuable surrounding healthy tissue and preserving its functionality.

Impacting approximately 176 million women of reproductive age worldwide, endometriosis is a disease in which endometrial tissue, normally found in the uterus grows in the pelvic cavity outside of it. The condition occurs most commonly in women who are in their 20s to 40s, and it is estimated that about five million women in the U.S. have endometriosis.1 While more women are aware of endometriosis and the prevalence rates increase, endometriosis is still commonly misdiagnosed and women may suffer years of pain and infertility before they get an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Endometriosis is not considered life threatening except in rare cases, but may severely affect quality of life by causing chronic pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, increased bleeding and infertility.

Endometriosis etiology is yet unknown, but its symptoms such as infertility and pain are effectively addressed with the treatment methodology offered by the Lumenis CO2 laser. Fertility preservation is a key concern when treating endometriosis and is well addressed when treating with the Lumenis FiberLase™ solution. As clinical evidence indicate, the CO2 laser delicately and precisely removes the endometriosis lesions while preserving the functionality of the valuable reproductive organ.2,3,4,5 The Lumenis CO2 laser energy, delivered through the FiberLase CO2 laser fiber, is extremely precise. Additionally, the superior flexibility of the fiber allows access to difficult-to-reach anatomy, which is needed most in delicate treatments. The renewable tip competence of the FiberLase demonstrates smooth and cost effective operation while the adjustable aiming beam unique to FiberLase, enables precise positioning to ensure the desired tissue is targeted. FiberLase can be utilized via the side port, throughout the laparoscope, or with flexible scopes and robotic assisted surgery to further expand its flexible characteristics.

“Of the various lasers available, the CO2 laser is the most versatile and is extremely safe because of its limited depth of penetration and minimal lateral thermal damage,” said Dr. Ceana Nezhat, Atlanta Center for Special Minimally Invasive Surgery & Reproductive Medicine, GA. “This allows for use of the CO2 laser in delicate areas where electrosurgery would be unsafe, such as the bladder, lateral side wall near the ureter, nerves, major vessels, and bowel serosa. In endometriosis patients, clinical data has demonstrated good pain control, improved quality of life, peri-operative outcome and fertility rates with use of the CO2 laser. The FiberLase flexible CO2 fiber is intuitive and easy to use, and has overcome the blooming effect and other challenges associated with the older generation of CO2 lasers. The Lumenis CO2 laser is a valuable instrument in the armamentarium of the gynecology surgeon.”

In addition to innovative technology, Lumenis is carrying the flag of better patient care by collaborating with leading endometriosis experts in promoting disease knowledge. A new patient website recently developed by Lumenis, aims to raise awareness and educate patients about the disease, and encourages them to take charge of their lives and get the appropriate treatment. With this website Lumenis enhances its commitment to supporting members of the medical community promote early diagnosis and improved treatment. To visit the website, please go to

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