Artificial discs are controversial in Latin America. Is there market opportunity?

Risky business.

Many surgeons are skeptical about their function, and feel that the procedure is too risky to perform.This is particularly true of lumbar artificial discs (LADs), as there have been many patient injuries, complications, and even deaths with subsequent lawsuits. Without these doctors on board, the sale of lumbar artificial disc devices in Latin America is less than spectacular and isn’t predicted to turn around any time soon. Everyone’s a critic.

Is there hope?

Despite these criticisms, many successful lumbar disc implantations have been performed by qualified surgeons and medical device manufactures are designing future lumbar discs that improve upon the technology and surgical approach. Currently most products in this newer generation of discs still need approval for use in any Latin American country, which is stifling market growth. Hopes. Dashed.

CADs: the Latin American crowd pleaser.

Cervical artificial discs (CADs) are much more widely accepted as a viable treatment option among Latin American surgeons. As a result, the CAD market is estimated to be worth around $25 million and climbing.Sounds interesting? Want to know more about the Latin American markets for spinal implants and VCF? Just ask.