Due to the diversity of fields it spans, Market Research is a very broad industry where different ways of gathering information are used depending on specific areas of interest. However, a few trends are key in obtaining valuable information and are sure to be driving the industry in years to come.


  1. Adaptation to mobile platforms
    1. Since there is an increasing number of people opting for mobile browsing over desktop browsing, surveys have to be adapted to fit these platforms and be easily accessible on the go.
  2. Social media
    1. The growth in use of social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin change not only the way in which companies market themselves, but also the methods by which clients communicate with the companies behind the products they use, providing a valuable venue in which market research to be done.
  3. Online Research Communities
    1. This method of qualitative research involves monitoring online communities such as forums, or social media in order to see how the members of these networks interact with each other in regards to a service, brand, or product.
  4. Redesigning surveys
    1. Making surveys more enjoyable to take, in game form or another interactive method, might increase the odds that participants will want to engage in them.
  5. Online access
    1. In an attempt to facilitate customers’ access to data, market research companies will continuously turn to building online platforms that store the data they produce. These platforms will provide easy access to customers looking to look up information at their discretion, making it easy to view on tablets, laptops and notebooks.