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In recent years this high-performing polymer has become available for use in dentistry as the JUVORA dental disc. Lately, it is indicated for the CAD/CAM-based manufacture of implant borne, fixed and removable prosthetics, anterior and posterior crowns as well as posterior and three-unit bridges (maximum one pontic).

The properties of PEEK-OPTIMA help transfer stresses and forces typical in chewing and allow the material to act more like a shock absorber. The flexural modulus of the material (26 times less than titanium), provides significantly more shock absorption than metals and this may help to address the effects of bruxism/parafunction.

Comfort and fit, two main patient needs, are being successfully addressed by the JUVORA dental disc. 99% of patients rate Juvora prosthetics in the top categories for in mouth comfort (based on 92 patient cases between July 2013 and March 2015).

“Patients of mine who have had JUVORATM PEEK instead of metal frameworks always report to me that their comfort levels are much better.” Dr. Vijay, Evodental, Liverpool UK – “It feels exactly like having my natural teeth back. I don’t feel as though there is anything that shouldn’t be there. It just feels so normal.” Barbara, Evodental Patient, Liverpool UK

The JUVORA dental disc enables prosthetic frameworks, crowns and bridges that pave the way to more patient comfort and are aligned to 21st century technologies and materials. Entirely made from a high-performance polymer, the disc allows efficient manufacturing of reliable non-metal dentures by using CAD/CAM technology to manufacture precise, custom-fit solutions. Available in three product series and a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, it is engineered for modern CAD/CAM manufacture (4- or 5-axis systems, can be milled wet or dry).

The innovative dental disc is based on PEEK-OPTIMA from Invibio Biomaterial Solutions.

PEEK is the abbreviation for polyetheretherketone, a high-performance polymer from the PAEK (polyaryletherketone) family. This implantable polymer has been used clinically for 15 years and in over five million implanted devices across a wide range of medical applications, including spinal fusion, where it has become an industry standard implant material.

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