Ethicon Recalls Physiomesh

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Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon last month recalled 1 of its surgical mesh products after studies showed higher revision rates after a type of minimally invasive hernia repair using its Physiomesh flexible composite mesh.

In a May 25 letter to healthcare providers, Ethicon said it’s pulling the mesh after a review of unpublished data from a pair of European registries revealed the discrepancy between Physiomesh flexible composite and the other meshes in the registries after laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

West Somerville, N.J.-based Ethicon said it believes the higher revision rates are due to a “multifactorial issue,” possibly including “product characteristics, operative and patient factors,” but hasn’t been able to pin down a cause.

“Consequently, Ethicon [has] not been able at this time to issue further instructions to surgeons that might lead to a reduction in the recurrence rate and [has] decided to recall Ethicon Physiomesh composite mesh from the global market,” according to the letter. “Ethicon will not return theEthicon Physiomesh composite mesh product to the market worldwide.”

Patients already implanted with the product should be followed as usual, the company said. The recall does not involve any other Ethicon meshes, including the Physiomesh Open flexible composite mesh, it said.

“Ethicon recognizes the voluntary product recall of the Ethicon Physiomesh composite mesh may be disruptive to your facility and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause,” the company wrote.

A list of the affected product codes can be found here.

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