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Researchers from Waseda University in Japan have developed a robot designed to give ultrasound exams to pregnant women in remote locations. Such an endeavor has never been attempted due to safety concerns and equipment limitations. However, this new design by Waseda Professor Hiroyasu Iwata supports the weight of the ultrasound equipment, thus keeping the patient out of harm’s way while the procedure is being performed remotely.

“This research was motivated by my desire to shorten the response time for emergency prenatal care in the Tokyo metropolitan area,” said Dr Iwata in a statement. “Eventually, I want to use this technology for at-home and remote area medical examinations.”

Dr. Iwata says he hopes to have a practicing physician test the robotic device in an obstetrics clinic and get feedback from patients over a one to two month period.

“Our central challenge is to prove its applicability to a real pregnant woman whose stomach is growing larger and larger,” he adds. Last November, in an experiment involving two expecting mothers, “we confirmed the robot’s ability to follow the shape of their abdomens and obtain ultrasound echo images. The head, hands and feet of each fetus were clearly visible, which increases our motivation to make this technology a practical reality.”

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