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According to a new report on 15 European markets for dental prosthetics and CAD/CAM devices by iData Research, the CAD/CAM block market in Europe is developing new materials that are constantly being introduced and tested. One new trend is the introduction of translucent zirconia blocks, which are more tooth-like and pre-colored. These blocks are significantly more expensive than their non-colored counterparts for aesthetic and durability reasons. However, lithium disilicate blocks such as the IPS e.max® by Ivoclar Vivadent, are dominating the block market due to high demand. More competitor products are also emerging in this field, including VITA ENAMIC® by VITA, which is the first hybrid ceramic crown made part-polymer, part-ceramic. Due to this competition, the price for ceramic blocks is expected to decline, whereas the price of zirconia blocks has already reached a plateau.

In 2014, the market for CAD/CAM blocks in Europe surpassed EUR88 million, representing a 10% increase over the previous year. The market has been suffering from significant price declines in zirconia blocks due to the effects of the Euro-zone crisis, yet still grew due to a significant increase in unit sales, a phenomenon that will continue over the next few years.

“Technological developments as well as material types will drive the market forward, increasing both demand and competition,” explains Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “As more dentists and laboratories switch to CAD/CAM production, the blocks will follow suit as an expanding market.”

The introduction of full contour zirconia has contributed to growth in the zirconia segment. Glidewell Laboratories’ BruxZir® full contour zirconia translucent style blocks have led the recent increase of sales of zirconia CAD/CAM blocks. This material is gaining popularity in Europe; other companies, such as VITA, have been introducing their own versions of “translucent zirconia,” which will boost the demand for zirconia restorations. However, porcelain material is expected to cannibalize some zirconia sales, as technological improvements produce stronger and more durable porcelains such as lithium silicates and glass ceramics. The rising popularity of porcelain restorations has been led by Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max® full contour lithium disilicate blocks. By 2021, porcelain blocks are expected to surpass zirconia in unit sales.

Ivoclar Vivadent, the leading competitor of the CAD/CAM market in Europe, accounted for nearly 40% of the market share in 2014. The company gained market share due to the popularity of its IPS e.max® lithium disilicate full-contour blocks. However, the increase in IPS e.max® sales was at the expense of the company’s own IPS Empress® blocks.

VITA is licensed to manufacture CAD/CAM blocks for Sirona. In 2014, the company held roughly 25% share of the CAD/CAM block market in Europe. The company’s line of VITABLOCS® CAD/CAM blocks is also compatible with other milling units such as B&D Dental Technologies’ ORIGIN® system, making it a more appealing product for dentists.

Other notable competitors in the CAD/CAM block market include 3M ESPE, Wieland Dental, B&D Dental Technologies, Dentsply, Glidewell Laboratories, KaVo, Metoxit, and Sirona among others.

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More on the CAD/CAM block market in Europe can be found in the report published by iData entitled European Markets for Dental Prosthetics and CAD/CAM Devices. The market segments covered in this report include crown and bridges, CAD/CAM prosthetics, dentures, and CAD/CAM blocks.

The iData series on dental prosthetics and CAD/CAM devices covers the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, South Korea and 15 countries in Europe encompassing Germany, France, the United Kingdom (U.K.), Italy, Spain, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg), Scandinavia (Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway), Portugal, Austria and Switzerland. Full reports also provide a comprehensive analysis including units sold, procedure numbers, market value, forecasts, as well as detailed competitive market shares and analysis of major players’ success strategies in each market and segment.

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