Inventor of Bone Regrowing Dental Technology is Edison Awards Finalist

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On January 24th, it was announced that Dr. Amos Yahav, the founder of Augma Biomaterials, has earned a finalist spot at the 2019 Edison Awards.

Dr. Yahav obtained his finalist position with the invention of Bond Apatite®, a novel cement-based dental material technology that can regrow a patient’s own bone. This biomaterial is utilized after dental implants or other invasive oral operations to help the patient’s bone structure regenerate properly post-procedure.

Bond Apatite®, comprised of biphasic calcium sulfate, is injected into the surrounding oral areas following bone augmentation or implant procedures, and has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of patients internationally.

Dr. Yahav states: “It is a true honor to be recognized as an inventor in the same breath as Thomas Edison and the awards that showcase his greatness.” Named after inventor Thomas Alva Edison, the Edison awards honors the world’s most upstanding inventors and innovations.  “As Edison’s inventions impacted people’s lives forever, we have tried to advance the progress of people’s dental/oral health by developing a material that ensures successful outcomes of implants and other complex oral bone augmentation procedures,” Yahav continues. ” We thank the Edison Awards for spotlighting Bond Apatite®, a technology that makes these procedures much less invasive, accelerates healing for patients and, most importantly, gives patients their own bone back.”

The Edison Awards will be hosted in New York City on April 4th with Augma Biomaterials in attendance.


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