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The high growth rate of all-ceramic restorations is replacing already established materials such as porcelain fused to metal (PFM) in the $6.1 billion U.S. market. More patients and dentists are seeking all-ceramic restorations because of their advantages such as increased biocompatibility and superior aesthetic qualities. All-ceramic restorations have also become stronger and more durable. The price for all-ceramic restorations will decline as ceramic materials continue to decrease in price. A high demand and the price of this material will drive the market for crowns and bridges.

The market for crowns and bridges is segmented by material, which includes full cast, all-ceramic and PFM. PFM restorations are further segmented into those that are non-precious, semi-precious and precious metals. All-ceramic restorations are further segmented into zirconia monolithic, zirconia layered, other ceramic monolithic and other ceramic layered.

The crown and bridge markets behave very similarly. The same materials and technological innovations are typically used for the creation of both crown and bridges. Currently, patient focus on economic dental options is resulting in decreasing average selling price for both markets. This is also brought about by the improvement in crown and bridge quality. Even less expensive monolithic crowns and bridges made of zirconia often offer an aesthetically pleasing solution, thus limiting premium unit sales.

Glidewell Laboratories was the market leader of crowns and bridges in 2015. Glidewell’s share along with other large dental lab chains has grown as the dental market continues its trend of consolidation. Glidewell Laboratories’ large size gives the company significant bargaining power and brand image in the dental market.

National Dentex Corporation was the second leading competitor in the U.S. crown and bridge market. NDX merged with GDC Holdings in 2010 and became a private holding and a wholly owned subsidiary of GeoDigm, making it largest group of dental laboratories in the United States. Additional competitors in the crown and bridges market in the U.S. include Dental Services Group and MicroDental among others.

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