The 20th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques was held this year in our home town of Vancouver, from July 10th to the 13th. Hosted at the Vancouver Convention Center, the conference gathered leading spine surgeons, device manufacturers and researchers and showcased the latest technologies for treatment of complex spinal conditions like Scoliosis. The program, organized by the IMAST Committee, featured panel discussions, presentations, debates and lectures created by a truly inspiring group of members.

It was a pleasure for iData Research to attend IMAST this year, especially as it was held in our city and provided us with the opportunity to interact with members of several companies we work with directly such as Orthofix, Medtronic, K2M, Baxano Surgical and Globus to name a few. Our Spine Research Division comprised of Sean Derondeau – Account Executive, Jeffrey Wong – Spine Analyst Manager, and Alex Tam – Lead Spine Research Analyst attended this year’s event.

Here is a glimpse into what Sean had to say about IMAST:

1. What do you think was the greatest advantage of attending IMAST this year?

The conference was a great opportunity to meet some of our preferred partners face to face, as well as to introduce our industry leading spine market intelligence to new partners. The most exciting thing to witness was the diverse array of complex spine devices that help to restore mobility and function to a wide demographic of patients.

2. What was the most interesting thing you learned?

Alex Schroeder, a Senior Director of Complex Spine at K2M, provided Alex Tam and me a hands on demonstration of K2M’s advanced MESA® Deformity Spinal System.  Having the opportunity to work through a mock procedure from start to finish and gaining a better appreciation for how this type of technology impacts and greatly improves a patient’s quality of life was eye opening to say the least. Being able to manipulate the devices and instruments also helped to increase our understanding of these advanced emerging technologies and how we address them within our market studies.

3. Can you say a few words about the positive networking experience that came from IMAST?

Being able to put faces to names is really the best aspect for us when attending these conferences. In such a competitive industry, being able to thank a partner in person for their participation in a study or for adding iData Research as a trusted partner is well worth the entry fee!

Easy to say, we can’t wait for next year!


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