ICYMI: First-Ever Human Study for Stress Urinary Incontinence Was Initiated by UroMems

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UroMems stress urinary incontinence

Retrieved from: UroMems (https://www.uromems.com/en/stress)

On November 29th, 2022 UroMems announced that they had successfully completed the first-in-human implant of the UroActive™ System to treat stress urinary incontinence. According to Hamid Lamraoui, UroMems CEO, “this is the next important step in delivering our novel technology to a large, underserved patient population with unmet needs not addressed by current options on the market.” 

UroMems is a global healthcare company that prides itself on its innovative abilities and breakthrough technologies for smart, implantable medical devices. UroMems designed the company’s signature UroActive™ to provide men and women with a better quality of life through the implantation of a device that solves severe stress urinary incontinence. Continue reading to learn more about this exciting device.

What is Stress Urinary Incontinence?

According to UroMems, stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a condition which affects the abilities of both men and women when trying to control urinary leakage due to excess pressure in the bladder. The condition of SUI occurs when urine is lost during periods of intra-abdominal pressure, most commonly during laughing, sneezing, coughing or physical exertion. It is estimated that 40 million Americans and 90 million Europeans are affected by stress urinary incontinence.¹ Previously, urologists and urogynecologists have developed semi-effective treatment options to treat SUI, however, these treatment options have associated complications and usually require surgical re-interventions.¹ With hopes of solving this problem, UroMems introduced their UroActive™  implantable device.

What are the Benefits of UroActive™?

For starters, UroActive™ is the first smart active implant that treats SUI to be powered by a MyoElectroMechanical System (MEMS).¹ Essentially, this allows the device to be automatically controlled based on the patient’s activity and removes the need for manual adjustments, making it that much easier. Within the device there are also state-of-the-art micro-sensors that ensure patient safety through real-time activity monitoring.¹ When considering what UroActive™ actually does, the device performs two main actions: when the patient is engaged in demanding physical activity, the urethral pressure can be increased by the device. On the other hand, when the patient’s activities are less demanding, the device can reduce pressure and reduce erosion.

What Alternative Devices are Present in the Current Market?

Several other devices are currently on the market and used to treat stress urinary incontinence such as incontinence slings and urethral bulking agents.To treat urinary incontinence symptoms, urinary incontinence slings are inserted into the body. The majority of patients who undergo this procedure are female, as male sling procedures are performed on a smaller number of patients. During the procedure, a sling is placed around the urethra to lift it to a position where enough compression will control urine flow. Further, a urethral bulking agent is a hydrogel composed of a biocompatible recombinant protein polymer that is injected into the periurethral or transurethral route in order to treat stress urinary incontinence.

Closing Thoughts

UroMems has definitely managed to pique interest with the company’s UroActive™ implantable device, especially considering the other options on the market and the impact that this could have on all of those suffering. Bringing new products to market isn’t an easy task and a lot of thought and analysis goes into this process. At iData we understand this and, as a result, have provided a solution. Our syndicated market research reports contain all of the necessary information to provide you with all of the market intel to successfully launch your product at a competitive price point and in a geographic location with the highest number of procedures for maximum ROI. Our latest Global Urological Devices market report contains information regarding SUI, the top competitors, the current products on the market, procedure numbers, and more. Fill-out the form below to receive a complimentary (no strings attached) executive summary to further illustrate our capabilities.


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Emma MatrickICYMI: First-Ever Human Study for Stress Urinary Incontinence Was Initiated by UroMems

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