Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is a relatively new form of wound treatment, and has become increasingly popular.

European Wound and Tissue Market


It was originally produced by Kinetic Concepts Inc (KCI), who had a monopoly market for some time. As of 2011, negative pressure wound therapy systems have been developed by a number of competitors in the wound management business. To read more about this market you can view the table of contents by clicking here.

The development of smaller portable and disposable pumps has allowed negative pressure wound therapy to expand out of the hospital setting and into home treatment. As other major competitors have entered the market to challenge KCI, the business model of NPWT has dramatically shifted. Previously, the vacuum pumps were sold or leased on a rental basis, but competitors are currently switching to a free rental model in order to sell disposables at a higher price. This trend is notable in Spain and Scandinavia where disposable ASPs are very high, while Germany continues to have a strong rental market and relatively inexpensive disposables.

More information about the negative pressure wound therapy market can be found in out recent report, European Markets for Wound and Tissue Management.