Haemonetics’ Strategic Acquisition of Attune Medical and the Future of Esophageal Cooling Technology

Haemonetics' Acquisition of Attune Medical

Haemonetics Corporation, a leading global medical technology firm, has announced its plans to acquire Attune Medical, a Chicago-based company known for its groundbreaking ensoETM® esophageal cooling device. This device is uniquely recognized by the FDA for its role in providing esophageal protection during radiofrequency (RF) cardiac ablation procedures.

Details of the Acquisition Agreement

The acquisition agreement outlines an initial cash transaction of $160 million at closing, with future payments contingent upon achieving certain sales growth and other milestones over the following three years. Subject to standard closing conditions, the acquisition is anticipated to be finalized in the first quarter of Haemonetics’ fiscal year 2025.

The Impact of ensoETM in Atrial Fibrillation Treatment

Attune Medical’s ensoETM device has revolutionized the treatment of atrial fibrillation, a condition affecting millions in the U.S., by significantly reducing the risk of esophageal damage during RF cardiac ablation treatments. The device has also been associated with benefits such as shorter procedure durations, reduced patient readmissions, and improved long-term procedure outcomes.

Strategic Synergies and Future Growth

This acquisition is expected to complement Haemonetics’ existing electrophysiology portfolio and enhance patient outcomes by integrating the ensoETM technology. Attune Medical’s significant revenue growth, with a reported $22 million in the last fiscal year, indicates a positive trajectory that Haemonetics expects to contribute to its revenue and earnings growth post-acquisition.

About Haemonetics and Attune Medical

Haemonetics is renowned for its suite of innovative medical products and solutions that aim to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs, with a focus on blood and plasma component collection, surgical solutions, and hospital transfusion services. Attune Medical has been at the forefront of using the esophageal space for proactive patient temperature management, with its ensoETM technology being a pivotal innovation in the field.

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