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Johnson & Johnson has partnered with Google in order to create a new robotic-assisted surgical platform. These types of robotics are aimed to improve minimally invasive procedures, like heart, eye, or prostate surgery, by giving surgeons high levels of precise control and greater access to the patient.

Google’s life sciences division will work with Johnson & Johnson’s medical device company, Ethicon, to create this new surgical robotics medical device.

In a statement, Gary Pruden, the team lead at the Johnson & Johnson global surgery group said that the collaboration between Google and J&J subsidiary Ethicon “is another important step in our commitment to advancing surgical care, and together, we aim to put the best science, technology and surgical know-how in the hands of medical teams around the world.”

Ethicon will make use of Google’s image analysis and optics software to enhance what surgeons see while performing minimally invasive robotic operations.

“By bringing together Google’s expertise in computer science and imaging technology with Ethicon’s expertise in surgical instrumentation and medicine, we hope to someday improve the experience of both surgeons and patients in the operating room,” said Andrew Conrad, head of Google X Life Sciences. “We look forward to exploring how smart software could help give surgeons the information they need at just the right time during an operation.”

The early stages of the partnership will be used to develop a robot-assisted surgery platform for thoracic, colorectal and gynecological procedures. Google is no stranger to robotics. They have acquired several robotics companies over the past few years, like Boston Dynamics, the creators of quadruped robots for military purposes.

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