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iData Research Analyst Ash Milton and CEO Kamran Zamanian recently published an article on Qmed (Qualified Suppliers to the Medical Device Industry) regarding the global device market for robotic surgery and image-guided systems. Here is a short excerpt:

Image-guided surgery has expanded over several decades from a technology geared toward neurosurgery to one with a wide array of procedural applications. Although dominated by several established companies, the market continues to see growth in the United States and Europe as spinal; ear, nose, and throat (ENT); and orthopedic (hip and knee) applications are promoted among surgeons and medical institutions. Established players in the market are looking toward new markets for expansion, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. China and India are forecast to see significant growth in sales of surgical navigation units.

Most of the companies involved in the surgical navigation segment, such as Medtronic, Brainlab, and Stryker, are global firms with an established customer base and a diverse array of products. In addition to taking advantage of established relationships in new markets, size and structure will allow these companies to adapt to new technologies, which could represent future competition to image-guided surgery.

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