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Global Immunology Drugs Market Report Suite

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Advanced Epidemiology-Based Research

Epidemiology, the patient and treatment statistics, is at the core of what we do – but we set out to take it much further and change the way pharmaceutical market research is one.

Extensive Primary Research

A research methodology you can trust, where interviews with industry experts are integral to market sizing and forecasts.

Deep Segmentation & Data Points

Our reports offer data types never before seen, and unique segmentation that provides a granular view of each corner of the market – not just overall assumptions.

Data Types and Analysis Included:

Market Size
Market Share by Drug with Forecasts
Competitive Analysis and SWOT
Units Sold by Drug
Treated Population Size
Annual Drug Cost Analysis
Patent Expiry and Analysis
Disease Prevalence
Product Assessment & Clinical Trials
Company Press Releases

 Most product and marketing managers struggle to make confident decisions

This is because they don’t fully trust the sources of their data. When you’re setting prices, preparing presentation, planning investments, mergers, acquisitions, and filing financials, you can’t base your information on simple extrapolations from secondary research.

That’s why we do it different – so you can do it right.

iData Pharma fixes the problem before you even see the data by using a never-before seen methodology in this industry. Our 9-Step Method ensures the numbers you see, and rely on, are the most accurate possible by using primary research, prevalence and treatment statistics for diseases that are treated with immunology drugs, and a bottom-up approach. These elements allow you to see the market in greater detail, and to know that the overall figures are based on actual findings from each segment.

Immunology Drugs Market Trends

The global market for immunology drugs was estimated at $55 billion USD in 2017. This market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of around 1.9% in more stagnant regions and up to 12% in others. This disturbance is largely due to the production and release of biosimilars that has started and is projected to continue happening over the forecast period. The US market, worth over…

The Global Immunology Drugs Market is Valued at $55 Billion

Instant Download – Free Sample Brochure

Customization and Bundling Discounts

This global research is extensive, and you might not need the information across every disease, or across every region. Our team will work with you to select just the information that’s pertinent to your projects, and get you a bundled discount based on the countries and diseases that you’ve selected.

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