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The FDA has become aware of adverse events associated with the use of Expression (also known as Expression Injectable) as a dermal filler. Expression consists of hyaluronic acid that is packaged in a syringe. FDA has received reports of Expression being used as a dermal filler to fill in wrinkles on the face. Expression has not been approved for this use.  Other devices approved for this use as a dermal filler are class III devices, meaning they pose a higher risk to patient safety.

These events have included swelling, tenderness, firmness, lumps, bumps, bruising, pain, redness, discoloration, itching, and the development of hard nodules.

FDA has also received a report of a patient developing firm masses in the face after being injected with the Expression product, which was used as a dermal filler. An attempt was made to dissolve the masses, but the report notes that the patient was left with an “obvious deformity.”

FDA recommends people undergoing procedures that use dermal fillers:

– Make sure your healthcare provider is using a FDA-approved dermal fillers and is appropriate for the procedure.

– Ensure you know all the possible adverse reaction to dermal fillers



Source: FDA, Adverse Events Associated with Use of Enhancement Medical’s “Expression” Intranasal Splint as a Dermal Filler