This photo was included in a Nov. 24, 2014 filing with the FCC, but it’s not 100% certain to be the final design.


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If you live with diabetes, wouldn’t it be nice to have a glucose monitor talk to your smartphone? Well it seems that is now becoming a reality. According to a story by the Diabetes Mine blog, the FDA recently approved Dexcom’s new SHARE Direct system that allows users with continuous glucose monitors (CGM) to share real-time data to their smartphones from anywhere. They can now share their CGM data directly via a mobile app, without the need for any stationary device that keeps you tethered to one place.

Starting in early March, the California company will begin shipping new receivers that have built-in Bluetooth, allowing for real-time sharing of diabetes data on Apple mobile devices including the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Interestingly, this new receiver comes on the heels of the first-gen Dexcom SHARE product, just approved by FDA in October. That was a first-of-its-kind docking station that is plugged into the wall, and when the G4 Receiver is inserted, it transmits CGM data into the cloud, where it can be accessed and shared with up to five iDevice users. Now you can sidestep the need for that docking station altogether and just enjoy CGM data-sharing directly to the respective iDevices.

It also appears to be a move on the part of FDA to create a legally sanctioned version of the open-source Dexcom-hacked solution Nightscout/CGM in the Cloud, even while making it clear that future mHealth solutions like Nightscout are welcome and won’t face overly criticial regulatory review.

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