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According to a recent report by iData Research on the European markets for wound and tissue management, surgical staplers represent the largest wound closure market in Europe comprising nearly 50% of the billion dollar industry. The staplers segment also experienced the highest growth rate among the different segments of the wound closure market. The growth in the staplers market is largely driven by the increasing demand for endoscopic staplers due to the shift from the more invasive open surgeries to minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. New wound closure technologies, particularly staplers, have provided alternatives for physicians and have taken market share from sutures in situations where they prove more efficient or cost-effective.

The stapler market is segmented into skin staplers and surgical staplers. Surgical staplers are further broken down into open surgery and endoscopic staplers. Skin staplers are disposable devices that can be quickly applied to hold the edges of skin together. Surgical staplers are either disposable (plastic) or reusable (stainless steel).

This increase in laparoscopic procedures has resulted in growing demand for the premium-priced endoscopic staplers, which has significantly contributed to the growth of the wound closure segment. However, the staplers segment, despite growing unit sales, is experiencing severe price contractions due to the entry of inexpensive Chinese products into the European market.

Although reusable staplers are less expensive and generate less surgical waste, the enhanced convenience of disposable staplers outweighs the cost-savings and environmental benefits associated with reusable devices.

Ethicon is a major player in the stapler market and their Proximate® line of open surgery staplers and ECHELON FLEX™ line of endoscopic staplers make up over 40% of the overall market. The second leading competitor in 2014 was Covidien, with roughly 30% of the wound closure market. They were the market leader in the stapler market, with nearly 50% market share. Their strong growth in this market was driven by the popularity of Endo-GIA® staplers with Tri-Staple® technology. They compete with Ethicon’s ECHELON ENDOPATH® line of endoscopic staplers and fierce competition is expected to take place over the duration of the forecast period, as both companies try to dominate this lucrative market.

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