European Laparoscopic Device

Widespread obesity epidemic spurs record number of bariatric procedures performed in Europe

According to a new report series by iData Research (, the leading global authority in medical device market research, the European Laparoscopic Device Market is expected to grow over $3 billion by 2020. Ethicon, Karl Storz, Covidien and Olympus battle for control of this market, particularly in the Direct and Ultrasonic Energy Device segments. Technological advancements in direct and ultrasonic energy devices that have multifunctional capabilities are one of the key drivers of growth in the overall market.

Obesity affects nearly 400 million adults worldwide and has spurred an increase in bariatric surgeries, a surgical procedure that removes parts of the stomach or small intestine to induce weight loss. “The prevalence of obesity has grown at such a rate that bariatric surgery is the fastest growing laparoscopic procedure in Europe,” says Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. In 2013, there were 109,991 bariatric procedures performed in Europe. The countries with the highest number of bariatric surgeries performed are Germany, Scandinavia, U.K and Benelux, which have become well-known centers for bariatric surgeries, attracting thousands of foreign patients.

The fastest growing segment of the European Laparoscopic Device Market was represented by Direct energy devices, whereby growth has driven primarily by the Advanced Bipolar segment, which attracted end-users by decreasing operating room times and increasing surgical efficiency. Advanced Bipolar devices are gaining popularity, as the device can be used for multiple functions during the procedure with better clinical results. Examples of such devices include, Covidien’s LigaSure™, Ethicon’s ENSEAL® and Olympus’s PK® Technology advanced bipolar devices.

Direct Energy Device Market by Segment, Europe, 2013 – 2016

European Laparoscopic Device

A major trend in the direct energy market is the rise of multifunctional devices. Olympus’s new THUNDERBEAT device is the first device in the world to combine both advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energy, allowing it to both cut and seal vessels. As hospitals come under increased pressure to cut costs, new devices entering the operating theater must be both clinically effective, and cost-efficient. Ultimately, demand for devices like the THUNDERBEAT™ will drive growth of this market over the forecast period.

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The global series on the “European Markets for Laparoscopic Devices” covers 16 countries including the U.S. and 15 Countries in Europe. The full reports provide a comprehensive analysis including procedure numbers, units sold, market value, forecasts, as well as a detailed competitive market shares and analysis of major players’ success strategies in each market and segment.

Markets covered include: laparoscopes, gastric-bands, access-devices, hand-instruments, insufflation, suction-irrigation, direct-energy, ultrasonic, hand-assisted, female-sterilization and closure devices.

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