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Elekta has recently entered into an agreement to serve as the sole distributor of Kobold Medical’s brachytherapy applicators in the United States. Adding to its expansive current portfolio of brachytherapy solutions, Elekta will market four Kobold applicators – each featuring a 10-year expected life – and the Kobold prostate template.

The solutions include:

  • Fletcher applicator set: The Kobold Fletcher-model Tandem and Ovoid Applicator Set is utilized for HDR radiation boosts to the cervix and parametrial tissues in conjunction with external beam radiation therapy where HDR radiation treatment of the cervix and uterus is accepted by up-to-date clinical guidelines.
  • Henschke applicator set: The Kobold Henschke-model Tandem and Ovoid Applicator Set is used when the vaginal vault space is limited or narrow due to tumor, restricted anatomy or fibrosis. The applicator is best used in any case in which HDR radiation treatment of the cervix and uterus is accepted by up-to-date clinical guidelines.
  • Tandem & ring set: The HDR Kobold Tandem and Ring Applicator Set is used to provide an HDR radiation boost to the cervix and parametrical tissues in conjunction with external beam radiation therapy.
  • Vaginal cylinder applicator set: The CT-compatible Kobold Vaginal Cylinder Applicator Set is indicated for use in any case in which HDR radiation treatment of the vagina is accepted by up-to-date clinical guidelines.
  • Prostate HDR template: The Kobold Prostate HDR Template is a single-use, disposable device customizable for any prostate shape or size.

“We are pleased to offer our brachytherapy users in the United States these high quality products from Kobold,” says Bill Yaeger, Elekta Executive Vice President, Region North America. “Adding these solutions to our brachytherapy portfolio will help us better serve the needs of clinical providers.”

To learn more, visit elekta.com/brachytherapy/kobold-applicators.

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