Dornier MedTech Launches OptiVision for Stone Treatment and Endourology

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Dornier MedTech has recently launched their new OptiVision next-gen digital image processing technology at the 34th Annual EAU Congress in Barcelona. The OptiVision offers digital image processing that allows users to identify and consequently eliminate stones without the hassle of manual post-processing. The system delivers the sharp image details necessary for stone treatment and endourology.

The OptiVision is equipped with multi-frequency processing in order to enhance image quality when compared to typical imaging in the urological field. This gives users a healthy balance between low radiation dose and high image quality.

This development is a significant milestone in Dornier’s long-term goals, as it develops the highly acclaimed Dornier Delta® III into a streamlined system for both stone management and typical endourology procedures. Additionally, it extends the existing SmartLitho™ suite functionality, allowing global ESLW access to the power of big data, software, and urological analytics.

“The launch of our Dornier OptiVision technology signifies our commitment to make ESWL relevant for tomorrow’s urologists,” said Georg Frosch, Assistant General Manager Europe North, Middle East & Africa, “OptiVision is another example of our commitment to innovate and create a portfolio of solutions that increase productivity, make diagnosis simpler and create smoother workflows for urologists.”

iData Research’s medical device market research on the urological device market states that Dornier MedTech is already a significant competitor in the urology market, ranking 3rd in the stone management device market, which encompasses and complements their new OptiVision system. As they already constitute a significant share of that market segment, it is expected that the OptiVision will find success, due to its existing market presence. Additionally, with the device’s dual use for urological endoscopy as well, this product can help Dornier reach other segments of the urology market in addition to the stone management category.


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More on the urological device market in  the U.S. can be found in a series of reports published by iData Research entitled the U.S. Market Report Suite for Urological Devices

iData ResearchDornier MedTech Launches OptiVision for Stone Treatment and Endourology

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