Dental Market in Recovery as Practices Begin to Re-Open

Dental practices begin to re-open
Chart showing the pay status of dental employees and their access to unemployment benefits. Photo courtesy of the American Dental Association

The gradual re-introduction of elective surgeries throughout North America has major implications on the future of the dental industry. Currently, practices are beginning to re-open, in accordance with the general easing of restrictions in public institutions and places.

During the temporary closure of dental practices to all but emergency treatments, a significant portion of potential revenue was eliminated. Over 500 000 dental office jobs were lost in April in the United States, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). In a recent poll conducted by the ADA, 56% of dental employees in the US revealed they are not receiving any pay. Of these individuals, 57% have received unemployment benefits.

In the week of May 4th, 28 states allowed dental practices to begin providing elective procedures. This was a significant step in the resurgence of the dental industry. This led to an increase in revenue for dental practices in these states, but patient volume still remained at 28% of normal, according to the ADA. This is likely because much apprehension towards receiving dental care still exists for much of the population, even if restrictions have been lifted. In addition, many dental practices are choosing not to re-instate elective procedures yet for precautionary reasons, and some are simply not equipped to re-instate them. Polling data from the ADA showed that over 30% of dental practices currently do not have any N95 masks. However, as restrictions continue to lessen, and more PPE becomes available, this market is expected to continue to return to normalcy.

Via: ADA

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