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At iData Research, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and in-depth medical market research reports. It is thanks to our hardworking and talented team of market research analysts who collect and sift through the mounds of data to produce actionable market intelligence for our clients.

If you ever wondered what a typical day in the life of a research analyst entails, the following is a brief look into a day of an iData Market Research Analyst. This may be a career you might be interested in, and we hope that this overview will give you a better understanding at what it takes to work as a research at iData.

Research Analyst - Jesse's notepad on typical day

Research Analyst – Jesse’s notepad on typical day

In order to be an effective market research analyst you must be able to communicate and be detail-oriented. You also need good critical thinking and analytical skills. Our team demonstrates these traits each day while collecting and analyzing data on everything from demographics, industry preferences and needs, unit purchasing habits, all to identify markets factors affecting various industry segments. They then report on the findings by illustrating the data graphically and translating complex findings into written text. Once the results are in, they determine sales trends through forecasting methods and measuring the effectiveness of different variables to establish conclusions.

Their research spans regional, national, and international market conditions. Therefore, as a research analyst, they monitor industry statistics and trends globally and ultimately develop strategies for obtaining research data, such as surveys, polls, interviews or questionnaires.

If you are on the lookout for a fulfilling position in the market research industry, make your way to our careers page for our current available job opportunities. This is your chance to join a fun and dynamic team in the medical market research industry. Send your resume to [email protected] with the job title in the subject line, and feel free to tell us a little about yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.