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According to a recent report by iData Research, the combined Chinese knee reconstruction device market is worth nearly half a billion dollars. Long-term growth will be driven by the increasing demand for total and revision knee surgeries in China. In 2015, total knee implants were the largest segment of the market, comprising the majority of the combined knee market. In contrast, the revision knees market is the smallest segment. However, unit sales of this segment will grow rapidly due to the increased demand for revision surgery in younger patients. Since the lifespan of knee implants is normally 15 years, the implants on younger patients will not last to the end of their life and will thus require revision.

Total knee replacement involves replacing the entire joint, both the tibial and femoral sides. As with other areas of reconstructive surgery, total knee replacements are more popular than partial joint replacements. Meanwhile, knee revision procedures involve replacing worn implanted joints with new hardware.

Cemented total knee reconstruction devices have become extremely popular, even though more advanced cement-less technology is being developed. With a cemented implant, the removal of the old implant becomes very difficult: bone cement is very hard and an extremely strong adhesive. With cement-less implants, surgeons can repair and replace old, outdated parts with greater ease. Surgeons prefer to perform cemented implantation on the elderly since they need immediate fixation and the likelihood of requiring revision is diminished. As most patients in China are quite elderly, cemented devices have been and will remain the most popular device choice.

Despite constraints on pricing, the segments of the large joint market are growing due largely to the aging Chinese population. China’s population growth is marginal, but the elderly demographic is increasing. This demographic is most at risk of arthritis and of requiring joint replacement.

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