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This year at the Consumer Electronic Show, health, medical and fitness devices stole the show with cutting-edge applications and new state of the art innovations. Companies are showing products that allows us to be more in-tune with our bodies. The development of new apps and devices with increased connectivity with databases and our personal devices are contributing to the slew of new digital health trends. From wearables to 3D printing here is our list of CES 2015 Top Medical Device Trends.

Wearable - Visualization Tech
Personal Wearable Medical Monitoring Devices
Wearable medical devices like electrocardiogram and blood pressure monitors that collect and display information to the users can benefit patients with conditions like chronic heart disease and hypertension. The advancements in sensor technology built-in to beautifully designed wrist or headbands communicating with an app can have significant clinical applications such as treating a myriad of disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression. In the future, those with disabilities will be able to use their smartphones to control and customize the various devices they need to live, like configuring hearing aids depending on your environment.

telemedicine CES
The Convenience of Telemedicine
Video conferencing with your doctor has become more prevalent thanks to the ubiquitous nature and HD quality of smartphone and tablet cameras. Due to excessive hospital wait times and frustrated patients, telemedicine systems will become more popular as a way to see more patients and will reduce costs by having fewer people visit a doctor for simple advice or a prescription. These new systems are a shift away from the traditional doctor visit. Right now, telemedicine is limited to physicians advising, diagnosing and making light treatments over a live video chat through a smartphone or computer. The accessibility of telemedicine will allow for less time wasted, more people served, at a low cost.

3d print CES
The Rise of 3D Medical Printing Applications
3D printers at CES are demonstrating that a printer can now create medical implants that dissolve inside the human body. 3D printers are not just for hobbyist anymore. These printers are becoming must-have equipment for doctors, researchers and engineers. In the future, hospital will be able to print custom implants like tissue scaffolds. By injecting stem cells into the scaffold that you build with the printer and then proceed with cartilage replacement on a patient’s knee, and once the procedure is complete, the implant would simple dissolve inside the body.

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