Home is where your hemodialysis is…at least if you live in B.C., Canada.

Canadian hemodialysis pilot programs have started in BC to test the practical and financial viability of home hemodialysis. The B.C. program has so far shown that patients prefer home hemodialysis to in-clinic hemodialysis, finding nocturnal home hemodialysis especially convenient. In fact, nocturnal home hemodialysis has been shown to be more effective at cleansing the blood than the faster conventional hemodialysis. Short daily hemodialysis, which has also been shown to be more effective than conventional hemodialysis treatments, can also be done in a patient’s home, given proper training; some patients find this option convenient as well.

Have you read Seth Godin’s blog yet? It’s catching on.

The introduction of trial programs, like the one in B.C., will cause the home hemodialysis segment to be the fastest growing form of dialysis treatment across Canada, growing at a CAGR of nearly 10% (yes, double digits).

But wait.

Because the home hemodialysis program is so small in terms of actual number of procedures performed, this rapid growth does not mean that home hemodialysis will account for a significant portion of the total dialysis patient population over the forecast period.

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